people are becoming so out of touch

i think i saw it coming and i’ve tried saving myself from this for the most part. but smart phones have definitely turned people into callous and socially awkward individuals. responding to text messages is a chore and people overanalyze every word you type in the first place. which isn’t good since texting is the most inefficient and inaccurate form of communication.

this is amplified worse by the fact that people also take themselves way too seriously. in a time where we all have accounts on a website devoted to giant flashy pictures and that’s just about it, no one should think their shit don’t stank. 

we’re all human. we like stupid shit. we’re all a little goofy.

you aren’t cooler than me, or anyone else. this is tumblr, where you’re going to click on a lot of silly stuff you like and then just reblog it because it looks cool on the page you half assedly created. just sayin. 

happy friday the 13th

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